Rite Services maintains a location in Houston with employees certified to the American Society of Non-Destructive Testing document (SNT-TC-1A) , certified technicians as well as American Welding Society (CWI).

Testing Sites

While the majority of our work is performed in-house at our location on 8484 Breen Road, we are also equipped to perform testing at your site for your convenience.

We specialize in the following types of services. With the exception of Phosphate coating, all services can be performed at our location or your site:

Ultrasonic testing 

Ultrasonic Testing is a method in which beams of high frequency sound waves that are introduced into the material being tested are used to detect surface and sub-surface flaws. The sound waves travel through the materials with some attenuation of energy and are reflected at interfaces. The reflected beam is detected and analyzed to define the presence and location of flaws.

Phased array ultrasonic testing

Phased array ultrasonic testing is an advanced method of ultrasonic testing used to find flaws in manufactured materials such as welds.

Magnetic particle testing

Magnetic particle testing is primarily used to detect defects in the surface of ferromagnetic materials.

Hardness testing

Hardness testing is a basic test used to verify raw materials and finish machined parts or as a quick check for materials that fail or aren't performing as expected.

Liquid Penetrant Inspection

Liquid Penetrant Inspection is a widely applied and low-cost inspection method used to locate surface-breaking defects in all non-porous materials. LPI is used to detect casting, forging and welding surface defects such as hairline cracks, surface porosity, leaks in new products, and fatigue cracks on in-service components.

Phosphate coating (in house only)

Zinc phosphates are used for corrosion resistance (phosphate and oil), a lubricant base layer, and as a paint/coating base and can also be applied by immersion or spraying.